Course Offering
English Course

Become comfortable communicating with anyone anywhere in the world! Learn grammar and vocabulary through lively conversation with a native speaker!

  • Social English (Pronunciation, Grammar and Daily Conversation): Beginner 1, 2, Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate English: Intermediate 1, 2
  • Advanced English
  • Business English (Business Conversation, Presentation, Negotiation, Discussion, Writing)
  • TOEIC (by native speaker): TOEIC
  • Kids Programs: Kids
Japanese Course

Speaking Japanese can be very useful for you in Thailand. Japanese language skill can boost your career and earn you a better salary.

  • Social Japanese (Daily Conversation, Writing Hiragana, Katakana)
  • Intermediate Japanese (Daily Conversation, Writing Kanji)
  • Advanced Japanese
  • Business Japanese
Thai Course

Start with the correct pronunciation, and then we will guide you through real life situations to apply what you have learned in our program. Instructors are able to use English and/or Japanese in teach

  • Thai Basic (Pronunciation & Daily Conversation) PC, DC1, DC2
  • Thai Conversation & Reading / Writing 1 CRW 1
  • Thai Conversation & Reading / Writing 2 CRW 2
  • Thai Intermediate (Daily Conversation) AC1, AC2
  • Reading & Writing R&W
  • Thai Advance (Por.6 Examination Preparation) Por.1 – Por.6
  • Business Culture
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